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How Long Should You Spend In A Sauna?

Before diving in and discussing their duration, let’s first gain an understanding of what saunas are. Saunas are small rooms or enclosed spaces designed to generate heat to produce sweating – used throughout history for relaxation, detoxification, and other health purposes in many different cultures worldwide. They typically rely on dry heat produced from rocks, […]

Shiatsu Massage Near Me

Shiatsu Massage What Is It? Shiatsu massage is a form of therapeutic bodywork that originated in Japan. It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine “Qi“, which means the vital energy that flows through the body. The Shiatsu massage therapists use their fingers, thumbs, palms, and elbows to apply pressure to specific points […]

How to Restart Your Fitness Journey After the Holidays?

Set Clear Goals As part of your fitness journey, setting clear and reasonable goals is paramount to its success. Take some time to think through what goals are important to you – weight loss, muscle building, endurance building, or overall betterment are just a few that could keep you focused and motivated. By setting specific […]

Setting Fitness Goals With Your Workout Partner

Why Setting Fitness Goals Together? Establishing fitness goals together has multiple advantages that may prove to be advantageous: Here are just a few benefits associated with this practice: Motivation And Accountability Working out with a workout partner is an excellent way to motivate each other. Establishing shared goals creates a sense of shared purpose that […]

What Is Shiatsu Massage?

What Is Shiatsu Massage? The Origins of Shiatsu Massage It originates in traditional Chinese medicine, which postulates that energy, or Qi, circulates along specific pathways called meridians in our bodies. Shiatsu evolved as an ancient Japanese technique called Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure” in Japan that focused on balancing this flow for healing and relaxation purposes. […]

How To Get A Kink Out Of Your Neck From Sleeping?

Neck Kinks From Sleep What are neck kinks? Neck kinks occur when muscles in your neck become overstretched or inflamed. Sleeping awkwardly or sleeping in an improper position may put additional stress on them and result in these uncomfortable kinks. There may also be other contributing factors which lead to neck kinks: Poor Sleep Posture […]

Thumb Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Causes Thumb Joint Pain? Thumb joint pain refers to any discomfort experienced in the joint that connects your thumb to your hand. When this region becomes affected. Gripping, grasping and manipulating objects rely heavily on this joint’ s functionality. When its integrity becomes impaired it may significantly limit what your hands can accomplish. Causes […]

How to Use a Massage Gun for Knots: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you prone to muscle knots? You may find it hard to relax your muscles and release tension. Massage guns can help relieve pain and stiffness in your muscles. How do you use the massage gun to treat knots? This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to treat muscle knots with a […]

are massage guns hsa eligible

Are Massage Guns HSA Eligible

Can I buy a massager with an HSA? Are massage guns HSA eligible? If you can, then how do I buy a massage gun using an HSA? This is probably what you want to know. Fortunately, you will find the answer in this article. What Is HSA? An HSA (Health Savings Account) is a savings […]