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Read This Before You Buy a Massage Gun

Read This Before You Buy a Massage Gun – Massage Gun Buying Guide

What should you know before you buy a massage gun? Well, these are what you need to know and we will share with you in this article:

What’s a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handheld device to offer percussive massage for you.

How does a massage gun work?

Massage guns with interchangeable attachments enable you to perform massages for different muscles.

Who should be using a massage gun?

Muscle massage guns are suitable for professional athletes, mothers, people working long hours, and people seeking relief.

What to look for when you decide to buy a massage gun

  • Amplitude
  • RPM
  • Secondary Factors
  • Sound/Noise Level
  • Battery Life
  • Attachment Heads
  • Weight
  • Design

Safe Use of a Massage Gun

  1. Find the muscle area.
  2. Turn on the massage gun
  3. Move the massage gun slowly and gently and use more pressure as necessary.

Advantages of Owning A Massage Gun

  1. Easy to use
  2. Affordable price range
  3. Have deep tissue massage at home
  4. Blood circulation is improved
  5. Reduce stiffness and muscle soreness
  6. Reduce pain
  7. Help heal and break down scar tissue.
  8. Speed up recovery from a workout
  9. Massage more frequently than massage therapists
  10. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Get more information from this article.

If you are a massage gun beginner and are considering to buy a massage gun, but you don’t know if you are suitable to use a massage gun nor how to select and use a sports massage gun, and when you see a variety of massage guns, you are even more unsure of how to make a decision. Fortunately, this article includes all you need to know before buying a massage gun and can help you find the right one.

What’s a Massage Gun?

What's a Massage Gun

The portable massage guns, also known as “percussive massaging treatment” or “vibration therapy”, are handheld devices that look and sound like a power drill. Most of them are wireless, and most have a rechargeable batteries. They also come with interchangeable attachments. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from. Some can be smaller than your hand while others can be larger like a backpack that has different attachments to knead or massage specific areas of the body.

When you place the attachments on the muscles, it vibrates. This vibration, or “percuss”, can be used to promote recovery after workouts, improve performance, and reduce soreness.

Leada Malek, CSCS is a San Francisco-based sports physical therapist who has been board-certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.

Malek states that there is not enough evidence to prove that massage guns have training benefits. However, research has supported the percussive massage therapy of massage guns. These are vibration therapy and massage. This involves having your muscles kneaded by someone else and vibrating on specific parts of your body.

Malek states that massage can help reduce tension and flexibility in the muscles. It also increases blood flow and decreases muscle soreness. There is evidence to suggest that vibration therapy may have the same effect on delayed onset muscle soreness, which is the tightness and achiness felt a few days after a hard workout.

How Does a Massage Gun Work?

How Does a Massage Gun Work

Many massage guns have interchangeable attachments which allow you to target specific muscles or provide a specific type of massage. Smaller attachments are better for areas such as feet, hands, and calves, while larger, more flexible shapes work well with larger muscle groups like quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Most massage guns are quite loud and can be very intense depending on how sensitive you are.

They do this by repeatedly and quickly punching the body to open blood vessels. Ericka Clinton, a New York State-licensed masseuse and dean of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences’ massage therapy program, explained that this action helps to hydrate muscle tissue with blood. She said, “I have seen incredible results with the percussion instruments.” “The percussion gives you that rush and the separation of muscle fibers from congestion very quickly.

Massage guns are claimed to accelerate athletic recovery, improve circulation, decrease muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation, and increase mobility. However, scientifically, these claims are not supported.

Manual massage, which is done with only your hands, has been shown to reduce pain and improve function in the short term. Research has also shown that vibration therapy can be beneficial for the nervous system, and prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness. Vibration therapy, which can be described as a shaking or trembling sensation and is provided by equipment such as vibrating foam rollers, differs from massage guns’ percussive massage.

We do know that a massage gun can’t flush lactic acid out of your muscles. This is not how muscle soreness works. It can’t eradicate cellulite. As Aschwanden noted, it can improve circulation. However, you can also take a walk to increase blood flow. You can use it to loosen up your shoulders at the end of work, as well as for a pre-workout warmup or to soothe your legs after a run. It can be therapeutically very relaxing to use one. Aschwanden stated that the most fundamental level of recovery is rest and rejuvenation. Anything that can facilitate that is good.

Who Should Be Using a Massage Gun?

Buy a massage gun

A massage gun can be used by almost anyone. If you are tired of working at a computer or phone all day or have other work-related pains, you might be interested in a massage gun.

Anyone who wishes to have a deep tissue massage at their home or relieve chronic pain is best served by a massage gun.

Professional athletes and mothers who have to carry their baby in a sling every day can benefit from it. People who work long hours and spend a lot of time typing on computers, as well as anyone seeking relief from muscle soreness, bruises, or other injuries due to stress and overuse, will benefit.

Due to the high impact force, this is not recommended for anyone with severe injuries. Although some massage guns have the ability to reduce the impact force, they can still cause severe skin and muscle damage, especially for those with severe sensitivity.

This is why anyone can benefit from a massage gun. It’s not only for professionals.

With its simple-to-use design, it makes massaging targeted areas on your body easier at home.

Malek states that massage can help reduce tension and flexibility in the muscles. It also increases blood flow and decreases muscle soreness. There is evidence to suggest that vibration therapy may have the same effect on delayed onset muscle soreness, which is the tightness and achiness felt a few days after a hard workout.

What To Look For When You Decide To Buy a Massage Gun

Functional Factors

  • Amplitude
  • RPM
  • Secondary Factors
  • Sound/Noise Level
  • Battery Life
  • Attachment Heads
  • Weight
  • Design
10 Advantages of Owning A Massage Gun

What is Amplitude

The amplitude determines how far the head can travel and how deep the gun will strike. It will make you feel stronger. Higher amplitude devices, such as TheraGun G3Pro (16mm amplitude), are considered Percussion types. They feel more ‘punchier than Vibration-type massage guns like Hypervolt.

Speed is often used to determine how intense the massage is. A device with a higher amplitude can feel intense even at lower speeds. The Hypervolt can be more intense at 3200 RPM, but the TheraGun G3Pro at 2400 RPM may feel just as intense.

Noting: The Stall Force/torque must also be taken into consideration. A high amplitude device without low stall force won’t be able hit deep. E.g. TheraGun Pro has approximately 27kg of stall force. This is the maximum weight you can put on the device before it stops moving. This allows the user to apply more pressure to get deeper into the target area.

What’s RPM?

RPM is for revolutions per minute. This refers to how many massages a massage gun can perform in a minute.

As we have already mentioned, the faster the massage, the more intense it will be. Most massage guns have a speed range between 2000 and 3200 RPM.

Like amplitude, no one speed is best for everyone. A device with a variety of speeds is better. The Hypervolt, for example, users can select three-speed options base on their preference. For sensitive muscles, or warming them up, lower speeds are best. For very stiff muscles and tight knots, higher speeds are possible.

Attachment Heads

Different attachment heads might be preferable depending on the application. While most devices come with standard attachments, such as the bullet or ball head, unique attachment heads can offer a more comprehensive experience.

The TheraGun’s thumb, cone, and wedge attachments are ideal for smaller areas. You can access sensitive areas like bones and tendons with the Hypervolt’s fork attachment.

Battery Life

You need to charge wireless handheld massage guns regularly, just like mobile phones. For heavy users like therapists, it is important to have a longer battery life in order to be able to treat clients throughout the day. To reduce the frequency of charging, we prefer a battery life of at most 60 minutes.

Sound Level

The motor units will make noise when using massage guns. It is important to remember that some devices can make it unbearably loud, especially if they are used in enclosed spaces or on sensitive areas.


Before you make a purchase, get a feel for the device’s weight. You’ll feel it more quickly if you are concerned about its weight.

Target hard-to-reach areas, as these require you to be in awkward positions. You might consider enlisting help from a friend or using a lighter massage gun if you are unable to maintain your position for too long.


You may think, “I don’t care what my massage gun looks like as long as it functions.” The design aspect we are referring to is not aesthetics, but practicality.

Gangstad recommends that you choose a gun that can reach the desired areas without having to twist your body. Dave suggests that you visit a brick-and mortar store to hold the massager in your hands. This will ensure that you enjoy using it.

10 Advantages of Owning A Massage Gun

  1. They are easy to use
  2. Affordable price range
  3. You can now have deep tissue massage at home with them
  4. Blood circulation is improved
  5. Reduces stiffness and muscle soreness
  6. Reduces pain
  7. It helps to heal and break down scar tissue.
  8. Half the time it takes to recover from a workout
  9. They massage more frequently than massage therapists
  10. They are lightweight and easy to transport.

Percussive therapy is great for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Improved mobility

Facia, which is a layer of tissue and fluid that surrounds and stabilizes your bones, muscles and nerves, may cause stiff necks, stiff backs, and aching muscles. The fascia can become thicker and more tighter around muscles due to repetitive movements, trauma, or reduced physical activity (such slumber). You’ll experience pain and limited mobility when this happens.

Percussive massage distributes thickened fascia fluid, relieving pressure and tightness. The fluids are thinned by applying pressure at high speeds. This allows your muscles to move more efficiently and easily.

Less soreness after exercising

After exercise, lactic acid builds up in the muscles. This can cause soreness and pain. After a workout, the percussion causes muscle fibers to release lactate, which reduces the soreness.

Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness

Pain and soreness can occur 24 to 72 hours following an unfamiliar activity, such as a new exercise routine, rehabilitation after injury, or a new exercise regimen. Tiny muscle fiber tears cause (DOMS) delayed onset muscle sorenes is difficult and pain in the muscles. Vibration therapy has been shown to increase skin temperature, blood circulation, and hormone responses to reduce inflammation and pain related to DOMS.

Safe Use of a Massage Gun

First, pinpoint the muscle area that you wish to target. Then turn on the massage gun and start moving it slowly and gently over the area, using more pressure as necessary. It should take between 6-10 minutes. Start slow and low. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Overstimulating the muscles can lead to damage, bruising, or in extreme cases, rhabdomyolysis (acute destruction of muscle tissue).

Do not vibrate the massager on muscles. Avoid touching bones and joints, especially if you suffer from arthritis. Fredericson says that it’s not a good idea to use a massage gun directly on the spine. Gangstad suggests that you apply the massage gun to the upper trapezius (the large muscle just above your shoulders), if the area is in pain.

Where You Can Buy a Massage Gun?

Big 5 Sporting Goods



DICK’S Sporting Goods

Massage Gun Reviews

If you would like to choose a massage gun, you can read massage gun reviews in below link.

Massage Gun Reviews


People love to enjoy massage at home with massage gun. Of course, if you want to buy a massage gun, you can not miss some information about massage guns.

This article talks about this can’t-miss information about massage guns: what is a massage gun, how does a massage gun work, who should use a massage gun, what you need to pay attention to when buying a massage gun, how to use a massage gun safely, the benefits of a massage gun, where to buy a massage gun, and massage gun reviews, which hopefully can help you find the right massage gun. If you are interested in massage guns, you can follow this website for more information about massage guns.


1. Can I Use a Massager Every Day?

You can use massage guns every day as long as you follow the proper technique. However, you shouldn’t overdo it as it could reduce the therapeutic benefits. Begin by working with a small area of soft tissue for no more than 2 minutes. Static work that lasts longer than 2 minutes can irritate the area and/or adverse reactions due to restricted blood flow.

2. Who Should Be Using a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is generally allowed to be used by anyone. But if you have a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, it may interfere with the circuitry. You should avoid massage guns if you are pregnant.

3. What Are Massage Guns For?

Percussive therapy is a method of using massage guns to relieve muscle pain, soreness, and swelling. A massage gun can be used to promote circulation and warm up before a workout.

4. Where Not To Use a Massage Gun?

Do not use a massager on your neck or front.
Do not massage bony areas like the tops of your shins, your head, and your joints.

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