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Can I Use Massage Gun for Lipedema

Can I Use Massage Gun for Lipedema?

Can I use a massage gun for lipedema? Yes. Although the cause of lipoedema is unknown, studies have shown that lymphatic massage is an important part of the treatment of lipoedema. And you choose a massage gun to offer a massage for you. To treat lipoedema, in addition to diet and exercise, compression therapy and decongestive therapy can also treat lipoedema.

We also talk about how to use a massage gun for lymphatic drainage:

  1. Turn on your massage gun by holding it in one hand.
  2. Apply pressure to the area with the massager‘s head at a straight angle.
  3. Slowly move your head around the area.
  4. Focus on one part of your body for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Adjust the intensity of your device based on your feeling.
  6. Gentleness should always be your top priority.

Read this article, you will find more information about lipedema.

When excess fat builds up in your lower body, you may develop lipoedema. Can lipoedema be treated with a massage gun? Read this article and you will find the answer!

What’s Lipedema?

can I use massage gun for lipedema

Lipedema refers to a condition where excess fat accumulates in the lower half of the body which is most common in the lower limbs. Lipedema can also affect the upper arms. This condition does not affect the feet or hands.

Lipedema can sometimes be confused with lymphedema. However, these conditions are distinct. Lipedema can also lead to lymphedema.

What Causes Lipedema?

What Causes Lipedema?

Lipedema’s exact cause is not known. Lipedema can be passed down from one generation to the next. It affects almost all people born to a female. The condition usually begins or becomes worse during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause.

This suggests that hormones may be involved. Although lipedema can’t be caused by obesity, more than half the patients suffering from this condition are overweight or obese. Lipedema can be treated with diets. Lipedema can be manifested in the following ways:

Fat accumulation in the buttocks and thighs, calves, upper arms, and sometimes on the thighs. The affected areas are not helped by diuretics, the elevation of your legs, or support stockings. Unless the patient has chronic vein insufficiency, lymphedema, or chronic venous insufficiency, there is usually no swelling in the feet or hands.

Lipedema can make it difficult to walk if the condition worsens.

Lipedema patients often experience emotional symptoms such as embarrassment, anxiety, and depression as their lower body gets larger.

As fat builds up, it can cause blockages in the lymphatic system. This results in a buildup of fluid known as lymph. This condition is also known as lipo-lymphedema, secondary lymphedema, or lipo-lymphedema.

How To Treat Lipedema?

Lipedema can be slowed down by eating a heart-healthy diet, especially if you are aware of your condition early. For mobility and swelling reduction, exercise, including swimming, biking, and walking, is a good option.

How To Treat Lipedema

Compression Therapy and Decongestive Therapy

Your doctor may not suggest noninvasive treatments, such as:

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy is a gentle method of skin stretching/massage.

Complex decongestive therapy is a special type of wrapping technique.

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work in Lipedema?

Both Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease, have swelling and tenderness consistent with inflammation. Over time, fibrosis develops and the tissue becomes thicker.

Nodules in lipedema and lipomas in Dercum’s Disease are caused by fibrosis. Lipedema, Dercum’s disease, and other forms of chronic inflammation can mimic impaired healing.

Fibrosis is a result of impaired healing. It is possible that IASTM massage can restart healing, allowing for greater healing and less fibrosis in lipedema as well as Dercum’s Disease.

The treatment of lipedema is important for Lymphatic Massage. Vodder and other researchers developed lymphatic massage.

This technique gently stretches and activates the lymphatic capillaries, stimulating lymphangiomas with concentric movements either towards or away from the lymph nodes. Lymphatic massage has been shown to reduce lymphedema, lipedema, and secondary lymphedema.

Deep tissue massage can be done in many ways, but most of them use pressure that is greater than superficial lymphatics. These methods have many benefits and you might want to try them.

Is a Massage Gun Good for Lipedema?

A massage gun is a popular way to get a great massage at home. Many people also use their massage guns for lymphatic drainage.

According to research, it is not clear how effective manual massage therapy is for reducing lymphedema.

To get the best results, you should try to duplicate positive results.

This means you need to be aware of which massage gun you are using and how you use it before you buy it.

How to Use Massage Gun for Lipedema?

We recommend that you use a gentle attachment for your lymphatic drainage massage. People made these attachments from foam and not hard plastic.

These are the steps to ensure that your muscle massage gun is safe.

How to use a massage gun for lymphatic drainage
The Basic Steps
Turn on

Turn on your massage gun by holding it in one hand.

Put Massage Gun Head To The Target Area

Apply pressure to the desired area with the massager’s head at a straight angle. The massage should not cause any pain.

Slowly Move Head

Slowly move your head around the area, ensuring that you maintain constant pressure and an angle. You can cover the ground evenly by using small circles.

Focus One Part of Body For 1-2 Minutes

For 1-2 minutes, focus on one part of your body. You should not continue for more than this time. Once you’re satisfied with your body’s response, wait and see if there is any bruising or swelling.

Adjust Intensity Based On Your Need

You can adjust the intensity of your device based on how comfortable you feel in each area. Don’t push into pain


Remember that massage guns can be more aggressive than most lymphatic drainage techniques. So, gentleness should always be your top priority.

Lymphedema in soft tissue can cause swelling. This means you need to use a lower intensity for deep-tissue massages to relax your muscles.


The article discusses the benefits of using massage to improve the condition of lipoedema, a condition characterized by an abnormal buildup of fat in the legs, arms, and buttocks. While the cause of the condition is not yet clear, deep-tissue massage can be beneficial in managing lipoedema.

The article also provides tips on how to use a massage gun to manage the condition. Overall, the article aims to provide helpful information for those dealing with lipoedema and seeking ways to improve their condition.


1. Deep tissue massage is good for lipedema?

Lymphatic massage has been shown to reduce secondary lymphedema as well as lymphedema. Deep tissue massage can be done in many ways, but most of them rely on more pressure on the tissues below the superficial lymphatics.

2. Massage guns are good for treating lipedema?

Studies show that lymphatic massage is an important part in treating lipedema. Lymphatic massage can be done with a massage gun.

3. Is it possible to break down fat cells using a massage gun?

Massage guns can be used to break down fat cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This can reduce cellulite and improve circulation.

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