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Will using a massage gun on my stomach give me a six-pack?

Will Using Massage Gun on Stomach Give Me a Six-pack?

Will using a massage gun on my stomach give me a six-pack? Well, if you use a massage gun alone and don’t exercise, unfortunately, a massage gun will not help you get a six-pack.

But massaging your stomach has these benefits:

  1. Improves Digestion Function
  2. Get rid of constipation
  3. Boosts Immune System
  4. Increases posture
  5. Physical tension and emotional stress are released.

Tips for Using a Massage Gun on Your Stomach

  1. Select the right attachment for your massage head
  2. Start with the lowest-intensity setting
  3. Be gentle and slow
  4. Do not massage too much

And you should note that: under these conditions, you should avoid using a muscle massage gun:

  1. Have an abdominal condition
  2. Digestive disease
  3. Pregnancy

Read this article for more details.

Massage guns have become more popular in recent years. The handheld devices can be used anywhere on the body to relieve muscle spasms and muscle soreness. Massage guns have been shown to improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation, and stress, and even decrease.

Are using a massage gun on the stomach safe? Who can they benefit from their use in this area?

Before buying a massage gun, read this post to understand the safety of using a masseuse on your stomach, as well as some tips to get the most from your massage.

Let’s first understand the workings of muscle massage guns.

Let’s roll!

What’s Abdominal Massage?

What's Abdominal Massage

Firstly, you don’t think of abdominal massage when you think about getting a massage. Massaging your abdomen can have many health benefits.

Stomach massage has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is known to reduce stomach upsets and improve immunity function.

A gentle type of massage that focuses on the abdominal is the abdominal massage.

Massage therapists can use a variety of techniques. All of them are non-invasive and painless. An abdominal massage can be used to treat constipation, bloating, and tightness of the muscles.

Abdominal massage can be a beneficial effect on physical and mental well-being. Clients will feel relief from anxiety and pain relating to their stomach, digestive system, and reproductive organs, including the pelvic floor.

The Benefits of Abdominal Massage

However, percussive massagers can help with digestive problems like constipation or bloating. These benefits are more detailed.

The Benefits of Abdominal Massage

1. Improves Digestion Function

Stomach massage is a form of Chinese medicine. However, stomach massage is a centuries-old practice that helps to detoxify the body, improve digestion health, and reduce the risk of developing digestive problems. Clients will experience fewer stomach problems such as gas, bloating, and cramping when the stomach muscles relax. For those who have serious digestive problems, gentle pressure can be applied clockwise around the stomach. This is also helpful for those with endotracheal tubes.

2. Get Rid of Constipation

Massaging your stomach can help relieve constipation, improve bowel movement frequency, and reduce constipation. The digestive system “wakes up” when the stomach muscles relax and are applied gently pressure. A study into constipation and abdominal massage revealed that those who had stomach massages experienced a decrease in constipation as well as regular, healthy bowel movements. The benefits of abdominal massage may be enhanced by the use of essential oils like peppermint. To improve constipation symptoms, massage therapists may also pay attention to the CV6 or CV12 acupressure points.

3. Boosts Immune System

The gut is home to a large part of our immune system. Healthy guts contribute to better health and immunity. This helps our bodies fight diseases and viruses. A belly massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which leads to detoxification and an increase in the body’s natural defense system.

4. Increases Posture

Your core muscle group is made up of your abdominal muscles. Injuries can result from poor posture and form if the core muscles are too tight or weak. This can be corrected by abdominal massage, which loosens the abdominal muscles and improves elasticity. This allows the muscles to move freely and perform their full function.

5. Physical Tension and Emotional Stress Are Released

Many people feel a “knot” in their gut when they are anxious or stressed. The feeling of being uneasy can be caused by trapped gas, muscle spasms, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Massage induces relaxation. This allows the nervous system to regulate and instill a sense of calmness in both mind and body. Second, any emotional stress can be released by applying pressure to the stomach.

Can You Using Massage Gun on Stomach?

Can I Using Massage Gun on Stomach

Your stomach may feel tight after an abdominal workout. It is normal to take a few days off to heal and then you can return to your training. Other than overtraining, stomach pain can also be caused by poor technique when lifting heavy objects or emotional stress.

The important thing is not to feel in pain. You can use a massage gun to massage your abdomen, and your muscles will be relieved with percussive massaging. You should be cautious when using the massage gun, as you would with any other body part. Do not hold a gun in a fixed position for more than a few seconds. Instead, move the gun around in a narrow area. You shouldn’t feel pain from the vibration massage. If you do, please stop using your gun immediately.

A percussive massager can be used on the stomach to promote blood flow. It also treats trigger points. This will help reduce tightness, ease pain, and speed up recovery.

Will Using Massage Gun on Stomach Give Me a Six-pack?

Can You Use a Massage Gun to Lose Belly Fat

No massage gun can break down fat cells. A massage gun or therapeutic masseuse can speed up fat loss and help eliminate sagging skin.

You still need to work hard, no matter how powerful a massage gun may be. To be successful, you should train regularly and eat healthier foods. You can also use a massage gun to quickly recover.

Tips for Using Massage Gun on Stomach

Although a massage gun can be a great way to get some great benefits for your stomach, it is important that you use it properly. These are some tips that will help you get the best massage possible.

1. Select the right attachment for your massage head

First, choose the right attachment for your massage gun to use on your stomach.

A flat head attachment is the best option. It provides a more consistent massage and reduces discomfort. It can be used to target specific areas of your stomach, which is also a plus.

2. Start with the lowest intensity setting

The best tip for using a massager on your stomach is to use the lowest intensity setting.

The stomach is sensitive and has very soft tissues. Too much pressure can cause irritation. It’s best to start at a low setting and increase the intensity as you need. You can make sure you are using gentle pressure without causing discomfort.

3. Be gentle and slow

It is important to move slowly and gently with the massage gun on your stomach once you have chosen the right attachment.

Did you remember when we said the stomach was sensitive?

Too fast or too pressure can lead to injury or discomfort. It is important to be patient and gentle. Avoid sudden movements and jerking motions.

4. Do not massage too much

It is important to remember not to massage your stomach too often.

It is a good idea to limit massage time to five minutes per session and to take breaks between sessions. It is important to allow the stomach to rest and heal as it is sensitive.

These tips will help you ensure your massage gun is properly used on your stomach.

Next, we will discuss when you shouldn’t use a massage gun on your stomach.

When Not to Use a Massage Gun on Your Stomach

When Not to Use a Massage Gun on Your Stomach

While powerful massage guns can be very beneficial for your stomach, there are times when they shouldn’t be used.

Here are some reasons to avoid one:

1. If you have an abdominal condition

Are you suffering from a medical condition, such as an abdominal rupture or other abdominal injuries?

Avoiding using a massager on your stomach is the best thing to do. These conditions can be made worse by the vibrations and the pressure of the massage guns.

If you feel any discomfort or pain in your abdomen, it is important to avoid getting a massage with a gun.

2. If you have any type of digestive disease

You should also avoid using a massager on your stomach if you have any type of digestive disease.

The vibrations and pressure from a massage gun can cause more discomfort and pain in common diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

If you have any digestive problems, it is best to not use one.

3. Pregnancy

So, if you’re pregnant, it is not recommended that you use a massager on your stomach.

A baby aboard a massage gun may cause harm if it vibrates and the pressure is too strong. The massage gun’s pressure can also cause abdominal strain, which could lead to complications during birth.

Avoiding using a massager on your stomach if you are experiencing any of these conditions is the best thing for your safety and your health. You can still enjoy the benefits of a massage gun, but you won’t have to take any risks.


Above all, we discussed the use of massage guns on the stomach and its effectiveness in achieving a six-pack. We’ve explained that massage guns cannot break down fat cells and therefore, will not help in getting a six-pack.

However, we suggested that using a massage gun on the stomach in the right way can have benefits such as improving digestion function, getting rid of constipation, boosting the immune system, and improving posture.

It is important to note that using a massage gun on the stomach may not be suitable for everyone, particularly for those who are pregnant, have digestive diseases, or have abdominal injuries. Also, we’ve emphasized that getting a healthy body requires dedication and hard work, and using a massage gun can be a helpful aid in the relaxing body after a workout.


1. What are the benefits of using a masseuse?

  1. Reduces stiffness and muscle soreness
  2. Lactic acid is released
  3. Increases motion range

2. Will using a massage gun will give me a six-pack?

You cannot get a six-pack by using a massage gun on the stomach. It will not give you a massage or relax your muscles. It won’t give you a six-pack, it will only wiggle your fat.

3. Where should you not use a massage gun?

A massage gun cannot be used on the breasts, head, or face.

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