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What To Wear In A Sauna?

Saunas have long been an increasingly popular method of relaxation and wellness, offering numerous physical and psychological health benefits. Knowing what to wear in a sauna session is vitally important – we will explore various options here so your sessions become even more pleasurable! This comprehensive guide on sauna attire will delve deeper into this world to maximize enjoyment during saunas.

Understanding Sauna Basics

Before we explore the details of proper sauna attire, it’s crucial that we first gain an understanding of what saunas entail. There are various forms, such as traditional dry saunas, steam saunas, and infrared saunas; each offers different advantages including improving circulation, detoxifying the body, and encouraging relaxation.

Types of Saunas Traditional

Traditional Dry Saunas

These saunas utilize heated rocks or stoves to produce dry heat, creating the ideal conditions for sweating and relaxing in an atmosphere with higher temperatures than most saunas can produce.

Steam Saunas

Commonly referred to as steam rooms, these saunas utilize steam to raise humidity levels, encouraging sweating and opening pores for detoxification.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body directly, creating a heat experience with numerous health advantages.

Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas provide numerous health advantages, from improved circulation and stress reduction, muscle relaxation, and detoxification through sweating to immunity boosting and relieving muscle pain – plus overall well-being benefits that cannot be found anywhere else! Regular sessions in a sauna may even boost immunity as well!

Tradition Sauna Etiquette

Finnish saunas often practice nudity to demonstrate equality and purity; in Western saunas, however, wearing towels or swimsuits is more commonly accepted as a sign of equality and purity. Therefore it is imperative to respect the rules and etiquette of each sauna, you visit to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience.

What to Wear in a Sauna?

Your choice of attire in the sauna can have an immense effect on both comfort and relaxation, so let’s examine the various options available and their respective advantages:

Towel Wrap

A towel wrap is a timeless essential in the sauna room, providing modesty while simultaneously enabling skin breathing and sweating effectively. Wrapping one around your body creates modesty without restricting its natural processes – just perfect!


Wearing a swimsuit provides more coverage than towel wraps, while still permitting easy removal and quick drying times. Select one made of breathable materials like nylon or polyester to maximize comfort during sauna usage.


To add luxury and warmth to your sauna session, a lightweight bathrobe may make the perfect accompaniment. Choose one made of natural fibers like cotton or linen as they absorb moisture efficiently while keeping you comfy during each sauna session.

Loose-Fitting Clothing

For more coverage or discomfort with towels or swimsuits, loose-fitting like a cotton T-shirt and shorts may provide more coverage – provided the fabric is lightweight enough to avoid overheating.


In saunas where nudity is accepted provide the option for those feeling comfortable to go nude. Although to maintain hygiene while taking full advantage of your sauna experience it may be wise to bring along a towel as seating and maintaining hygiene practices are an integral component.

Expanding the options available for sauna attire gives you greater control over finding what best meets your comfort and preferences. From towel wraps and swimsuits to more elaborate choices that provide coverage or ease of movement during sauna sessions – the key is prioritizing breathability and movement during saunas.

Dos and Don’ts of Sauna Attire

To ensure an enjoyable and productive sauna session experience, here are a few guidelines and reminders when selecting sauna attire:


Do Opt For Breathable Fabrics

Choosing lightweight yet breathable fabrics like cotton or linen allows your skin to sweat efficiently during sauna sessions and allows proper breathing of air through it.

Do Bring A Towel

For optimal hygiene and comfort in a sauna experience, having a towel to sit on and wipe away sweat is necessary for maintaining hygiene and comfort.


Heavy Fabrics Should Be Avoided: Clothing made of thick or heavy fabrics may trap heat, leading to discomfort and overheating.

Don’t Wear Heavy Fabrics

To ensure an enjoyable sauna experience and avoid burns from heated metal objects, remove all jewelry before entering a sauna session to maintain safety and ensure maximum relaxation.

Don’t Bring Electronics

Prevent damage caused by high temperatures in a sauna environment and create an uncluttered and distraction-free atmosphere conducive to relaxation, electronics should remain outside.

Experience Comfortable Sauna At Home

Still hard to choose what to wear? Actually, there’s another easier choice for you- having saunas at home. In this way, you are free to decide what is acceptable.

We are really proud to introduce our portable sauna blankets and detox wraps. These innovative products treat you to the luxury of saunas without leaving home! Combining infrared light with a blanket, the DACORM portable sauna offers you a convenient yet effective way of getting saunas at home.


Wearing appropriate attire for sauna sessions can increase comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment of the experience. From towel wraps, swimsuits, and bathrobes to loose clothing or nudity; choosing attire that prioritizes breathability, hygiene, and respect for sauna etiquette will guarantee an enjoyable, rejuvenating, and therapeutic sauna session every time. By following do’s and don’ts of sauna attire guidelines you’re guaranteed a pleasant, revitalizing sauna session experience every time!


1. Can I Wear Workout Clothes In the Sauna?

To maximize sweat production in a sauna session and maximize comfort during this experience it’s wiser to opt for lightweight clothing with good ventilation such as lightweight sweat-wicking fabrics. Rather opt for lightweight clothing with plenty of breathing holes like cotton for optimal sweat removal and sweat evaporation.

2. Do I Need To Wear A Hat In the Sauna?

Although wearing a hat while saunaing isn’t essential, doing so may help regulate body temperature and protect from overexposure to heat. For optimal results when choosing your sauna session hat options consider investing in one that offers adequate breathability if possible.

3. Can Makeup Be Worn in the Sauna?

In general, wearing makeup in a sauna environment should be avoided to facilitate detoxification processes more effectively and allow skin breathing space while sweating effectively in its environment. A clean face allows proper breathing of pores for detoxification purposes in sauna environments.

4. Is It Acceptable To Wear Jewelry in the Sauna?

For safety and comfort purposes, all jewelry should be removed before entering a sauna for better experiences and less burn irritation from metal objects heated in the environment. Be sure to store accessories outside to have a more enjoyable sauna session experience!

5. Can I bring drinks into the sauna room?

Staying hydrated is of course important; to maintain cleanliness and avoid accidents during sauna use it’s wiser to leave beverages outside to maintain hygiene and limit potential spillage issues. Make sure you hydrate before and after each sauna session to replenish vitality and get maximum benefit out of this unique heat experience!

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