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Can Eye Massage Reduce Eye Pressure?

Can eye massage reduce eye pressure? Eye massage therapy has gained in popularity for maintaining eye health – in this article, we delve deeper into this method in terms of whether it can reduce eye strain and promote overall eye wellness.

Eye Pressure

Eye pressure, commonly referred to as intraocular pressure (IOP), refers to the fluid pressure inside of the eyes. Maintaining optimal intraocular pressure levels is vitally important to healthy vision and vision loss if left untreated, leading to conditions like glaucoma which causes irreparable optic nerve damage as well as irreversible vision loss if untreated.

Eye Health Is of Great Importance

Maintaining clear vision requires taking good care in looking after our eyes, from protecting against eye fatigue to keeping dryness at bay. Eye strain, fatigue, and dry eyes are common concerns experienced by individuals, particularly those engaging in activities requiring intense visual focus like staring at screens for extended hours at a time or engaging in tasks that demand intensive visual concentration.

What Is Eye Massage?

Eye massage is a therapeutic technique in which gentle pressure and circular movements are applied around the eye area in order to promote relaxation and relieve tension, improve blood circulation, ease the strain on the eyes, and potentially decrease eye pressure.

Nowadays, people prefer using vibrating eye massagers for an eye massage, ’cause it’s more convenient and soothing compared to manually massaging the eyes. You just shut your eyes, put on the eye massager, and select vibrating or heat mode. After a few minutes, your weary eyes will feel relieved.

Benefits of Eye Massage

There are lots of benefits of eye massage:

Reducing Eye Strain

Eye massage offers relief for eye strain caused by extended screen use or intense visual activities, like driving.

Improves Blood Circulation

By stimulating circulation in and around your eyes, eye massage may provide essential nutrients and oxygen that support overall eye health.

Relieve Tension and Headaches

Eye massage’s relaxing properties may help ease tension in eye muscles and potentially relieve headaches.

Help for Dry Eyes

Eye massage has proven beneficial in increasing tear production, providing individuals suffering from dry eyes relief.

Alleviating Eye Fatigue

Regular eye massage may reduce eye fatigue and revitalize tired eyes, providing much-needed relief and rejuvenation.

How to Perform Eye Massage?

Before beginning eye massage, ensure you’re in an ergonomic and relaxing position. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1:

Prior to initiating any massage session, thoroughly wash your hands in order to preserve hygiene during its execution.

Step 2:

Once in your seat, ensure your back and shoulders are comfortable while remaining straight and loose.

Step 3:

Close your eyes softly and take several deep breaths to help relax.

Step 4:

Use your ring finger to apply gentle pressure around your eyes in circular movements using pressure point massage techniques.

Step 5:

Begin at the inner corner of one eye, moving outward towards temples before heading back toward your starting point.

Step 6:

For optimal results, repeat this motion for one to two minutes on areas that feel tight or sore. Pay special attention to any areas which feel particularly painful while engaging your muscles through this stretching routine.

Eye Pressure and Eye Conditions

There are specific eye conditions that relate to eye pressure, with glaucoma being the most concerning. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss due to increased intraocular pressure. Another condition is ocular hypertension, where the eye pressure is higher than normal, but no optic nerve damage or vision loss has occurred.

Can Eye Massage Decrease Eye Pressure?

The idea of eye massage lowering eye pressure is a subject of interest, but more research is needed to establish a direct link. Some studies suggest that eye massage can improve ocular blood flow and possibly reduce eye pressure, but conclusive evidence is lacking.

Studies and Research

Studies exploring the relationship between eye massage and eye pressure reduction are limited. While some small-scale research has shown promising results, larger and more comprehensive studies are required to draw definitive conclusions.

Professional Opinions

Many eye care professionals acknowledge the benefits of eye massage for relieving eye strain and promoting relaxation. However, as a standalone treatment for glaucoma or ocular hypertension, it is not considered a primary therapeutic option.

Precautions and Considerations

While eye massage can be beneficial for most individuals, some people may need to exercise caution or avoid it altogether. Individuals with eye infections, recent eye surgery, or specific eye conditions should consult their eye care provider before attempting eye massage.

Other Ways to Decrease Eye Pressure

As well as using eye massage, other lifestyle changes and practices may also help maintain healthy eye pressure:

Lifestyle Choices

Making healthy lifestyle decisions such as eating a well-rounded diet, staying hydrated, and engaging in regular physical activity is important in maintaining good eye health.

Eye Exercises

Eye Exercise can help relax eye muscles and relieve strain on them, offering much-needed relief to eyestrain sufferers.

Proper Screen Time Management

Regular breaks and restricting screen usage can help decrease eye strain and fatigue, thus protecting eyes from straining over long sessions of screen-use.


Eye massage has quickly emerged as an effective means for relieving eye strain and relaxing the eyes, but its full impact in terms of lowering eye pressure remains to be fully explored. Eye massage should be integrated into daily routines; individuals suffering from specific eye conditions should contact an eye care provider directly for advice and treatment options.


Is Eye Massage Safe for Everyone?

Generally, eye massage should not pose any significant health risks to individuals; however those who have specific eye conditions or recent surgeries should seek advice from an eye care provider before beginning eye massage sessions.

How often should I perform eye massage?

 Eye massage should be conducted daily or as desired for maximum benefits and comfort.

Can Eye Massage Cure Glaucoma?

Eye massage cannot cure glaucoma but may provide temporary relief for eye strain and tension relief; it should not be considered primary therapy for glaucoma.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects from Eye Massage?

Proper eye massage usually has no negative side effects; however, improper technique or excessive pressure could result in discomfort for some individuals.

Can I perform eye massage on myself?

Absolutely – eye massage can be completed self-administered as long as hands are thoroughly washed before beginning massage for optimal hygiene purposes.

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