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DACORM Massage Gun Manual 2024

DACORM massage guns are innovative devices using percussive therapy for deep tissue massage. If you lost your DACORM massage gun manual, don’t worry, here’s a general instruction.


How to Start Using the DACORM Massage Gun

  • Unboxing and Assembly
  • Charging Your Massage Gun

Operating the DACORM Massage Gun

  • Control Panel
  • Massage Modes and Intensity Levels
  • Targeting Specific Muscle Groups

Techniques for Effective Massage

  1. Preparing Your Body for Massage
  2. Recommended Massage Techniques

Maintain and Care of the DACORM Massage Gun

  1. Sanitation and Hygiene Practices:
  2. Storage and Maintenance Tips

Details are as follows.

Brief Introduction: DACORM Massage Guns

DACORM massage guns are innovative devices using percussive therapy for deep tissue massage. Boasting ergonomic design and advanced features, the gun provides effective solutions for muscle recovery and relaxation.

Here are our feature products:


Our massage guns consist of a gun-shaped body and a replaceable attachment head. The main body of the massage gun drives the massage head to deliver varying degrees of percussion to your muscles. Of course, our massage guns come with different massage heads. And When you use various attachments, your body experiences different positive effects.

If you want to know more about how to use the massage head, please read this article: DACORM Massage Gun Attachments: Better Recovery and Performance


Powerful Motor

DACORM massage gun has a powerful motor that delivers thousands of high-frequency per-minute percussions for targeted deep muscle tissues.

Adjustable Intensity Levels

It features multiple intensity settings that enable users to tailor their massage experience according to personal needs and preferences.

Attachable Parts

The device comes with interchangeable attachments such as a ball, bullet, fork, and flathead to target different muscle groups while producing varied sensations.

Long Battery Life

The massage gun’s long-life rechargeable battery ensures extended use without frequent charging sessions.

Quiet Operation

Despite its powerful motor, DACORM massage guns operate quietly to create an enjoyable massage experience for clients.


An electric massage gun provides numerous advantages. These benefits include:

  • Muscle Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Relax And Stress Relief
DACORM Massage Gun Manual

DACORM Massage Gun Manual

For first-timers using a DACORM massage gun, here are 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Prepartaion

Unboxing And Assembly

Carefully open the package and carefully separate all its components, then attach your massage head by aligning its connector on the gun’s connector and pushing in until it locks into place.

Charging Your Massage Gun

Simply connect the charger to the massage gun’s charging port, plug it into a power source, and wait until its full charge has taken place before initial usage.

Step 2: While Operating

DACORM massage gun comes equipped with an intuitive control panel to easily enable setting adjustments, here’s how you can utilize its capabilities:

Control Panel

The control panel on a massage gun typically comprises power buttons, an intensity adjustment button, and mode selection buttons.

Intensity Levels

DACORM massage gun have various massage intensities such as continuous, pulse, or wave to provide different sensations to users. You can adjust intensity levels according to personal comfort needs or muscle concerns.

Targeting Specific Muscle Groups

The interchangeable attachments provide for effective targeting of different muscle groups. for instance, ball attachment is ideal for targeting large muscles while bullet attachment can target trigger points effectively. The following picture shows the usage of diffentent massage heads. And you can see different usage of your massage attachments on the product page.

massage heads

Step 3: End of Massage

After 2-3 minutes of massage on one muscle group, stop and rest. And drink some water. Slightly touch or long press the power button on the panel to stop the massage.

Techniques For Effective Massage

To maximize the potential benefits of the DACORM massage gun, consider these effective massage techniques:

Preparing Your Body For Massage

Before using a massage gun, warm up your muscles through light movements or stretching exercises to increase circulation and prepare them for deep tissue work. This helps improve overall circulation and prepare muscles for deep tissue work.

For optimal use with the DACORM massage gun, begin with gentle strokes before gradually increasing intensity as your muscles adjust. Focus on each muscle group for a sufficient time while keeping the correct posture throughout using this device.

You can see more about effective usage of our massage gun on our blog.


While massage guns are very effective at relieving muscle soreness and tension, there are certain situations where they should not be used:

  • Open Wounds or Bruises
  • Muscle or joint injuries
  • Conditions that affect muscle or bone health

  • We recommend consulting a healthcare provider before using a massage gun. They can provide personalized advice based on your situation.

Maintain And Care

For optimal longevity and performance of your DACORM massage gun, follow these maintenance and care recommendations:

Sanitation And Hygiene Practices

Regularly clean your massage gun and its attachments using mild soap-and-water solution or disinfectant wipes. Dry it thoroughly before storage.

Storage And Maintenance Tips

Store the massage gun and its attachments in an organized, dry location away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, to prolong its useful lifespan. Check regularly for loose connections or damaged components to address them promptly.


DACORM massage gun provides a practical and efficient means of muscle relief, recovery, and relaxation. We have talked about the usage of our massage guns in this general manual, hopefully, you may find it helpful.

If you have any queries about how to use our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp at 12132228375. We’re here to help!


1: How Long Does The Battery Last?

The battery life of the DACORM massage gun depends on both intensity and duration of use; on average it should last anywhere between 2-6 hours on one charge.

2: Does The DACORM Massage Gun Suit, Everyone?

Yes, DACORM massage guns should generally be suitable for most individuals; if however you have any existing health conditions or are pregnant it would be prudent to consult a healthcare provider first before making use of this device.

3. Will A Massage Gun Assist In My Muscle Recovery?

Absolutely. Percussive therapy provided by the DACORM massage gun improves blood flow and eases muscle tension to speed recovery after workouts or physical activities.

4: When Should Safety Precautions Be Observed With The DACORM Massage Gun?

For maximum safety when using this tool, avoid excessive pressure being applied or using it on open wounds, broken skin, or areas exhibiting inflammation. Likewise, always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in terms of safe usage for maximum benefits.

5: Is My DACORM Massage Gun Covered Under Warranty?

Warranty periods on individual products will differ and please refer to product documentation or the manufacturer directly for details on specific warranties and periods.

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