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can massage gun cause nerve damage

Can a Massage Gun Cause Nerve Damage? -Things You Should Know

Can a massage gun cause nerve damage? When using a massage gun incorrectly, it may cause nerve damage.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Nerve Damage?

  1. Injuries
  2. Diabetes
  3. Infections
  4. Autoimmune Disorders
  5. Alcoholism
  6. Vitamin Deficiencies
  7. Exposure to Toxins
  8. Hereditary Conditions

Will a Massage Gun Help Nerve Damage?

Yes, massage guns may provide a helpful and safe method to manage symptoms associated with nerve damage; it must however be used correctly as this does not address its source.

How to Use a Massage Gun Safely?

  1. Start at low intensity level
  2. Do not apply on bony areas
  3. Limit usage to 15 minutes at a time
  4. Avoid sensitive areas

Massage guns have grown increasingly popular due to their ability to deliver deep tissue massage and reduce muscle soreness, but some individuals wonder whether using one could cause nerve damage. Here we discuss potential risks and benefits when using such guns safely.

What Is Nerve Damage (Neuropthy) ?

Neuropathy occurs when nerves that send messages between the brain and other parts of the body become damaged or dysfunctional, leading to symptoms including numbness, tingling, weakness, pain and loss of coordination or balance. Nerve damage may result from injury, infection disease exposure to toxic materials as well as being temporarily or permanently altered depending on severity affecting hands feet legs arms arms in any combination.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Nerve Damage?

There are various causes of nerve damage, which include:


Physical trauma such as falls, car accidents or sports-related injuries can result in nerve damage to nerve endings in an instantaneous manner.


Diabetics with high blood sugar levels often suffer nerve damage that eventually manifests as neuropathy.


Certain infections such as Shingles, Lyme disease and HIV/AIDS can damage nerves significantly.

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and lupus cause your immune system to attack the nerves, leading to damage.


Chronic alcohol use has the ability to damage nerves, leading to neuropathy.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Low levels of vitamins B12 and E can contribute to nerve damage.

Exposure To Toxins

Exposure to toxic elements such as heavy metals, industrial chemicals and certain medications can result in nerve damage and be dangerous for human health.

Hereditary Conditions

Some hereditary diseases such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease can result in nerve damage.

Note that nerve damage may also arise without any apparent cause, making diagnosis and treatment from healthcare professionals of vital importance if experiencing symptoms of nerve damage.

Can A Massage Gun Cause Nerve Damage?

Can a massage gun cause nerve damage? Well, when a massage gun is used incorrectly, it does have a chance to cause nerve damage. The high pressure and vibrations from this device may irritate or compress nerves leading to pain, numbness or tingling sensations in some users.

Below are several factors which increase the risk of nerve damage when using a massage gun:

Applying Too Much Pressure

Exerting too much force with the massage gun could force its way too deeply into muscle tissue, potentially irritating nerves in the process and potentially compressing them further.

Staying For Too Long

Prolonged use of massage guns increases the risk of nerve damage as their constant vibrations may overstimulate nerve endings and overexcite the central nervous system.

Targeting Sensitive Areas

Certain parts of your body such as neck, spine and joints are particularly prone to nerve damage; for this reason it’s wise to refrain from using massage guns on these sensitive spots or use it cautiously and gently when doing so.

Can A Massage Gun Cause Nerve Damage?

Will A Massage Gun Help Nerve Damage?

Yes, massage guns may provide a helpful and safe method to manage symptoms associated with nerve damage; it must however be used correctly as this does not address its source.

Muscle tension often stems from poor coordination or dysfunctional movement patterns or strength deficits that require physical therapy treatment to address. Massage guns’ vibration or percussion modes may help promote relaxation of both soft and deep tissues by increasing circulation to targeted areas – leading to less inflammation, reduced pain levels and short-term increases in muscle length which improves joint mobility.

Massage gun therapy offers short-term solutions that may allow individuals to continue with daily tasks with less disruption and by alleviating symptoms, individuals may even be able to engage in exercise and recreational activities that address any underlying causes contributing to pinched nerves.

How To Use A Massage Gun Safely?

It’s essential that massage guns be used correctly and safely, in order to minimize risk of nerve damage or any potential injuries, and here are a few helpful hints:

Start at Low Intensity Level

Start slowly by increasing intensity gradually until reaching maximum intensity level if necessary. It is wise to begin at this lower intensity level until familiarizing yourself with how your body responds.

Do Not Apply On Bony Areas

To maximize comfort when using the massage gun on bones like spine, joints and skull; stick with fleshy areas like thighs calves and shoulders instead.

Limit Usage To 15 Minutes At A Time

Do not overstimulate nerves by using the massage gun for longer than 15 minutes per session – take breaks between sessions for optimal nerve care!

Avoid Sensitive Areas

Steer clear of sensitive and painful spots like bruises, varicose veins and inflamed or infected sites to keep yourself comfortable and prevent injuries to yourself or others.


Massage guns can be an invaluable aid for muscle recovery and relaxation, but should always be used carefully to minimize risks to nerves. Avoid sensitive areas with the device to reduce nerve damage risk as much as possible; for further assistance on using massage guns please speak with either your healthcare provider or licensed massage therapist.

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Can a massage gun help relieve nerve pain?

While massage guns may provide temporary relief for muscle soreness or tension, using one on nerves could actually increase discomfort.

Are massage guns suitable for everyone to use?

While massage guns tend to be safe for healthy individuals to use, if you suffer from arthritis or circulatory disorder it would be prudent to consult your healthcare provider prior to using one of these tools.

Can I use my massage gun every day, with each session lasting no more than 15 minutes at most?

To ensure maximum benefits from using massage guns safely and responsibly.

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